What We Believe

Find out what our vision for the Southshire is, our mission, and what we believe.

Our Vision.

A safe, supportive, and healthy Southshire community.

Our Mission. 

To empower, mobilize, and inspire communities to act in collaboration towards delaying first time substance use and preventing substance abuse among youth, reducing its use across all ages and promoting greater wellness and long-term health in the “Southshire” region of Bennington County.

We believe that…

All children are good.

All children matter.

Children are an important part of our community. Substance misuse can impact their ability to contribute.

Parents are their children’s best advocate.

Everyone has the potential to make unhealthy choices. ACT will provide support to community members to make healthier choices.

Prevention is the best treatment.

Knowledge is power! ACT will empower the community by providing clear and accurate information.

ACT does not discriminate. Our support will be available to all community members.