ACT’s Vision

A safe, supportive, and healthy Bennington.

ACT’s Mission

To empower communities to act in collaboration to prevent youth substance use and reduce substance use across all ages and promote greater wellness and long-term health in the greater Bennington area.

We Believe…

  • All children are good.
  • All children matter.
  • Children are an important part of our community. Substance misuse can impact their ability to contribute.
  • Parents and caregivers have the greatest influence on the children they care for.    
  • Everyone can make healthy choices. ACT will provide support to community members in making healthy choices and delaying first time substance use.
  • Prevention is the best treatment.
  • Knowledge is power! ACT will empower the community by providing clear and accurate information.
  • ACT does not discriminate. Our support will be available to all community members.