Remembering to breathe…

Remembering to breathe...

When faced with a challenge, what are some of the tools you have successfully used to evolve and grow? What are some obstacles that you overcame where you surprised yourself in your ability to go further than you thought? Share your thoughts here!

“Everybody Knows Somebody” National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

“We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” –Gloria Steinem

Nicole Rau, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer

…My time as a sociology major was filled with late nights spent in the depths of Dinand Library writing papers about gender.  It is a topic that I have come to love and understand better than I originally thought was even possible.  Its complexities and direct application to everyone’s life make it, perhaps only for soc geeks like myself, an interesting, ever evolving topic to discuss…

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The infographics in this blog post come from For more information on eating disorders or about the National Eating Disorders Week please visit: The Eating Disorders Helpline number is 1-800-931-2237.

Composting – How does it work?

Not only is it good for the earth…but it makes your gardens oh, so pretty. Can you tell we are ready for spring over here?

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It is easy to get started…be on the lookout for more great info about gardens and healthy foods!