April 6, 2018


VDH Community Room | 324 Main St, 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.


In attendance:  Kayla Becker (United Way), Michelle Morrocco (BCRC & ACT), Caitlin Harrington (Sunrise Family Resource Center) , Bob Wiegers (First Baptist Church), Melissa Mears (ESD), Yolanda Palmer (UCS), Ben Lackey (Bennington PD), Jennifer Fels (Blueprint for Health & SVMC), Kimberly Phillips-Roderigue (Bennington CRJ), Kathy O’Reilly (VDH)


Core measures survey results discussion (had been shared via email to Coalition members)

In-kind tracking log:
– Need to track more
– Michelle to create simple document which will be found on the website

Social Media:
– Spotlight on Members has been getting most engagement from people
– Facebook statistics report shared
– Storytelling Workshop with CommonGoodVT may be good to attend

Bridges Out of Poverty:
– June 22, 2018
– Hosted by GBICS

Youth Rep:
– through service group at MAU?
– go in at lunchtime
– look into College workstudy

Sandy Hook Promise:
– Melissa Mears
– Aligns with “Fed Up” in Manchester
– Question asked: “What is going on at the schools already?” – ACT should look into and know
– How to train/help people understand what is going on and what they can do

Trauma Taskforce:
– Robin Stromgren

Youth Appreciation Day:
– Coming up May 5, 11 am – 3 pm
– Meetings on Wednesday morning 9-10:30 am
– Need volunteers!!
– Contact Dare, TJ, or Kayla

Youth Summit:
– June 9, 9 am- 3pm
– At UCS Ledge Hill Dr
– More to come

– ACT outside of Gamer’s Grotto?
– What to giveaway (swag)

Arts Council:
– 3rd Thursday (time?)
– Contact Michelle


Prepared by Kayla Becker, ACT Secretary April 2018.