February 2, 2018

ACT Coalition Meeting — February 2, 2018


VDH Community Room ⎸ 324 Main St, 8:20 – 10:20 a.m.




In attendance: Liz Fenwick (Lions Club), Cindy Krautheim (ACT), Ken Sigsbury (TPC), Jennifer Fels (Blueprint, SVMC), Kathy O’Reilly (VDH), Sean Morin (CRJ), T.J. Anania (ACT), Ryan Scutt (CAT-TV), Jessica Wilbur (Benn. County Head Start), Dare Meunier (ACT), Michelle Morrocco (BCRC) Beth Sausville (DCF FSD), Kayla Becker (United Way) Krista Speroni, Zirwat Chowdhury (Town of Bennington), Maryann Morris (Collaborative).

Regrets: Ben Lackey, Melissa Cleary, Melissa Mears, Jim Trimarchi.  



New Director- ACT’s new director is Dare Meunier. Her introduction was on the website and is on our social media presences.


Approval of December Minutes. Beth motion, Ken second. All in favor.


Review and approval of Treasurer’s Report. Ryan motion, Cindy second. All in favor.


In-Kind Tracking:

  • Get Connected through United Way.
  • Employer MOU doesn’t work. We need specifics so tracking will remain personalized for now.
  • App for smartphones possibly coming in the spring


Youth Appreciation Update

  • Aiming for Lower Willow park.
  • End of the day movie night for teens and continuing program into the summer months.
    • Merchants park a possibility for the continuation for visibility reasons.
  • Possible collaboration with Benn. College and SVC.


Bylaw Review:  

  • Taking edits until the 21st. Send them to Michelle.
  • Vote on the 26th of February.
  • Discussion about Sticker Shock program
    • Possible move away from two a year. To one and another campaign.
    • Coasters or placemat ads in restaurants.
    • Or on bottle openers or bags in beverage stores.


Belief Statement:

  • Changing of certain language in the mission statement
  • Prevention vs. delaying
  • Inclusion of Caregivers and changing the wording of the “Parent” bullet point.


Communications Committee Happenings:

  • Strategies for both Facebook and Instagram in the works. Instagram specifically for kids and teens.
  • Series backlinking to the website.
  • Possible youth teaching youth video series.
    • Video training through CAT TV.


Lions Club Curriculum:

  • Viability? Already have results-based skill building in place.
  • Implementation in public spaces.


Asset building conference

  • Search-insitute.org
  • Training for community groups.
  • Facebook live training or video series?


Other Updates:


Next Youth Appreciation Day meeting is February 14 @ 9 a.m. in the Lightning Jar.

PB & J Slam ACT team.

Green Table collaboration. Substance-free programing at pop up shop.


Continue to discuss:


Data from ACT’s supplemental risk behavior survey. What do the trends look like.