June 1, 2018


VDH Community Room | 324 Main St, 8:00-10:00 am


In attendance: Ben Lackey (Bennington PD), Sean Morin (DoL), Michelle Morrocco (BCRC & ACT), Yolanda Palmer (UCS), Keith Carey (Gamers Grotto), Maryann Morris (The Collaborative), Ryan Scutt (CAT-TV), T.J. Anania (VISTA & ACT), Caitlin Harrington (Sunrise Family Resource Center), Melissa Mears (ESD), Bob Wiegers (First Baptist Church), Zirwat Chowdhury (Town of Bennington), Kayla Becker (Catamount Connections), Kimberly Phillips (Bennington CRJ), Kathy O’Reilly (VDH)
Regrets: Liz Fenwick (Lions)


Minutes approval & Bylaws – waiting due to not having enough people in attendance

Action Plan Progress: We are doing very well with our Action Plan; if anyone would like a copy, please email Dare (director@actbennington.org)

DFC Visit: July 9-10 – Dare will follow up and reach out to see if any visits can/should happen while they are visiting

Call to Action: Volunteers needed for Stark St. Pop Up, Garlic Fest

  • Keith is Co-chair of Kids Tent; 10-5 Sat & Sun; 4 hour volunteer shift: get free entry
  • Will figure out what else is needed for Garlic Fest
  • Stark Street: http://www.starkstreetpark.weebly.com

July Meeting

  • Discussion of date/time/venue options
  • Summer is challenging due to schedules and first Friday is the week of July 4
  • Other options: July 13
  • Possibly at Catamount Connections (decided yes) to have child watch; during lunchtime


CADCA Training in July: no rep this year, maybe in Feb.


Youth Rep Confirmed: Dee Oakes (yay!!) – also very active with OutrightVT


VT to Puerto Rico Documentary: June 6 at 6 pm at The Laumeister Art Center

  • Ryan Scutt went on trip to Puerto Rico with local builder, Jim Goodine, CDC students, and other volunteers. (24 people) They went to rebuild homes, Ryan was also documenting the trip – turning it into documentary and a longer film (later). New experience for many students: travel, help, building, video production and much more. Fundraiser at the show and additional fundraising to help them continue the work there – and go back next year.


Community Survey: looking to get more input


More Upcoming Events

  • SVMC Centennial Celebration: June 10 at SVMC
  • Stark St Playground Pop Up Event! June 16 & 17 at Stark St
  • Bridges Out of Poverty, June 22, Sacred Heart

Prepared by Kayla Becker, ACT Secretary June 2018