December 1, 2017


VDH Community Room | 324 Main St, 8:00-10:00 a.m.


In attendance: Dare Meunier (SCAC), Beth Sausville (DCF/ACT), Maryann Morris (The Collaborative), Jennifer Fels (Blueprint, SVMC), Kathy O’Reilly (VDH), Zirwat Chowdhury (Town of Bennington), Kayla Becker (United Way), Ken Sigsbury (Turning Point), Ryan Scutt (CAT-TV), Michelle Marrocco (ACT/BCRC), Mark Shin (MAUMS)


New ACT VISTA –The new ACT VISTA is on board. His name is T.J. Anania. Not at meeting because he was at a training. Interview of T.J. is on the ACT website: Will be at future meetings.

Approval of November minutes: Ken motion, Zirwat second. All in favor.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Dare motion, Ryan second. All in favor.

Bylaws review :

  • Board of 5-19 members
  • Annual meeting in Sept.
  • Need to add: Spending limits and evaluation plan for Directors(staff)
    • best practice is yearly; evaluation; develop layout so it is known ahead of time (360 format)
    • ad-hoc group writes evaluation after approx. 3 months of meetings to work through
    • Maryann will share policies that The Collaborative uses

Director’s Report –will be provided monthly, via email. Will not be printed/distributed so members should print their own copies if they’d like to bring to meeting.

  • Shows 12 members
  • $1,000 grant from Ben & Jerry’s (youth)
  • Wrote for a $12,000 grant

Upcoming Events & Topics:

  • Sticker shock
  • Core measure
  • YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey)
  • Project Alert Class

There is a Student Center at the high school –contact would be Kristyn Harrington

Communications committee forming

Discussion of marijuana education: movie, “The Other Side of Cannabis”-be mindful of our communication of cannabis as it can be a “hot topic” and ACT wants to educate, not alienate


  • Youth Appreciation Day first meeting for 2018 event is 12/13 at 9 am at Lightning Jar (ACT is a co-organizer of the event with United Way)
  • Let’s Grow Kids advocacyconference –Kayla attending/leading community engagement workshop
  • Media Webinar 10 am on 12/13 –Michelle will send invites to those interested
  • RPP Sustainability Training –January 10. More info from Maryann

Continue to discuss:

Discussion of MOUs –how to make it more clear what forms mean what specifically; what each person needs to sign. What rights/responsibilities come with MOUs, sector reps, etc. Want to keep an updated list of all Members with signed MOUs readily accessible to check –maybe on website.

In-kind hours/employer agreements for in-kind hours. Can we streamline the process of agreements and MOUs? Will be discussed at Executive Committee.

Discussion about committees