Finance & Sustainability

Committee Members: James Lawton, Gabriel White, Keith Carey, Sean-Marie Oller, Kathy O’Reilly

Photo Source: Google Images

Finance and Sustainability

  • Development of long range business plan
  • Provides input for future grant applications
  • Development of financial management system
  • Management of donor system
  • Provides recommendations for annual workplan

2015-2016 Projects:

  • Develop information for information to provide at November 2015 press conference event on committee activities
  • Provide input, financial recommendations and coordination support for Results Based Accountability Training
  • Provide input and coordination support for January 2016 Speed Networking Event *Drug Free Communities Grant Activity
  • Collaborate with Healthy and Active Communities Committee on development of event on community revitalization in the greater Bennington region. (Date to be determined by group)
  • Provide input and support of Career Development Center Kids Consignment Sale Project.
    • Approve or decline recommendation for project for ACT as a part of the business plan.
    • If adopted, develop implementation strategy for CDC Kids Consignment Sale Project.
  • Develop recommendations for fundraising opportunities, (ie. Polar Express at Winterfest concept)
  • Develop a business plan and strategy with local government for establishing a community center (JUL-OCT 2016) *Drug Free Communities Grant Activity

Contact the committee here:


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Projects & Responsibilities

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