Healthy & Active Living

Committee Members: Beth Wallace, Jennifer Fels, Cindy Krautheim, Nissa Walke, Michael Harrington, Lorna Mattern

  • Provides input and support for physical activity and nutrition based activities and projects

    Photo Source: Totororo.roro

    Photo Source: Totororo.roro

  • Supports and promotes healthy community design projects


  • Develop information for information to provide at 2015 press conference event on committee activities
  • Provide input and support for development of recognition youth and adult community members exhibiting leadership, creating positive change and modeling healthy choices. (JAN-MAR 2016) *Drug Free Communities Grant Activity
  • Support implementation of Sport/Sport2 evidence based prevention program for young adolescents *Drug Free Communities Grant Activity
  • Support and provide input toward implementation of goals for Project Catalyst
  • Develop activities to continue Beautify Bennington projects to support improvements to Benmont Avenue *Drug Free Communities Grant Activity


Committee Projects & Responsibilities

1.4.16 HALT Meeting Minutes

1.15.16 HALT Meeting Minutes

3.7.16 HALT Meeting Minutes

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