Healthy & Active Living

For more information on current work of the ACT Healthy & Active Living Committee, CLICK HERE

We believe our communities can be healthier by increasing our physical activity levels, promoting healthier food choices and positive mental health for all.

We support events and campaigns that promote physical activity in our communities.

We share information and ideas on ways to make our communities friendlier and connected.

We also promote increasing access to healthier foods for all.

Five-Minute Activity Break Project

One ongoing project that has launched in collaboration with area gyms to create quick, easy workouts that anyone can do to add physical activity to their day, anytime of day! More videos to come!

To download a powerpoint version of this video break, click here: ACT Activity Break Bennington CrossFit

Recreation Center Survey Results

Bennington Recreation Center Task Force

In 2012 the Vermont Council on Rural Development held a series of “Community Visits” in Bennington to learn more about what

Recreation Center Survey Word Cloud
Recreation Center Survey Word Cloud

our community needs are and to inspire action to address those needs. From those meetings, a task force of volunteers was assembled to explore expanding services from Bennington’s current recreation center. To determine what areas of need existed, the group conducted extensive surveys in the community. Here is the report: Bennington Recreation Center Community Survey Results ACT’s coordinator, Kiah Morris has served as the chair for this group since it was formed and ACT will continue to support the process through to the finish.

From this group, an additional group was formed, the Teen Center Task Force.  This group is seeking to establish a permanent teen center for local youth. Our AmeriCorps volunteers Rachel Schindler and Mickey McGlasson have been leading this group! Thank you to all who are volunteering their time to make this happen!

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