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Alliance For Community Transformations Employer’s In-Kind Memorandum of Understanding

Between Alliance for Community Transformations (ACT) and

As a participant and collaborator, I/we fully support Alliance for Community Transformations continued work towards its mission and vision which will help ACT achieve its goals. Alliance for Community Transformations is an education, resource, prevention, and connection network whose mission is to prevent first time substance use among you the and reduce its use across all ages in the “Southshire” region of Bennington County. The primary goals of ACT are (1) to prevent youth initiation of alcohol and substance abuse, (2) to provide education and support Vermont prevention, treatment, and recovery resources, (3) increase awareness of the social determinants of poor health and effectively utilize evidence based strategies to address those determinants which enhance protective factors to support reduction of substance abuse, (4) and to actively contribute to promoting increased wellness and health for all Southshire residents across the lifespan.

I, as an employer understand the mission and the goals of the ACT. As the employer, I will commit to ________ hours a month in support of these goals, by one of more of my employees.

Authorized Employer

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Employee 1

Employee 2

Employee 3


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