Tips For a Great Speed Networking Experience

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  1. Practice your elevator speech. Pretend you are in an elevator with someone and you need to explain to them clearly and concisely what it is your organization does and how it impacts the lives of local children/ teens. That means consolidating the basic information into just one or two digestible sentences. Don’t worry, in the event packets, all participants will receive information including contact and website information about your organization, so use your time efficiently by giving the highlights of the great work that what it is you do everyday.  This will give you more time to discuss the reasons that brought you to the event.

    For some more information on creating an elevator speech, check out these short YouTube videos:

    How to Create an Elevator Pitch

    Sample Elevator Pitch

  2. Bring business cards – just in case.

  3. Take great notes! As the other participants tell you about their challenges, write down your thoughts next to their names so that you don’t have to try to recall the information later.

  4. Listen, actively listen. When it is your turn to problem solve, see if your work links with their own.

  5. Remember, we all need to work together to make changes!

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