Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

Get tips for talking to your child about substance use, and find substance use treatment and recovery services in Vermont.

Talking About Substance Use

Did you know that the #1 reason kids give for not drinking or using substances is that they don’t want to disappoint their parents? It’s true. Children who learn about the risks of substance use and about their parents’ expectations around substance use are significantly less likely to start using substances.

Drug and alcohol use are tricky topics to discuss with your children, but they are necessary. Even if your children don’t seem engaged or like they want to listen, have faith that they do hear you.

Alternatively, not talking to your kids about alcohol, cannabis, and other substances also sends kids a message, just not the one you want. Kids don’t always have all the facts when it comes to substance use, and if you don’t talk about the ever-present risks involved, it’s likely that your child just won’t know.

Below, we talk about some strategies that you may want to adopt while talking to your child. Whether they’re little, preteens, or teenagers, we’ve got you covered:

Resources for Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

ParentUp Vermont

ParentUp Vermont offers resources and tips to help you provide supportive and effective guidance to your child around topics like substance use and mental wellness.


“Talk. They Hear You.”

 SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” app features an interactive simulation tool to help parents practice talking with their kids about underage drinking and drug use.

College Parents Matter

College Parents Matter provides tools, tips, and resources that will help family and trusted adults engage in effective communication with young adults around alcohol, cannabis, and related risks, and help them to make smart and healthy decisions.

Marijuana Talk Kit

Learn the facts about marijuana/cannabis, the risks of marijuana use, and how to talk to your teen about marijuana.

VT Helplink

VT Helplink is a statewide, public resource for finding substance use treatment and recovery services in Vermont. Helplink services are free and confidential.

PreventionWorks! VT

PreventionWorks!VT is a network of Vermont substance misuse prevention coalitions, service providers, and individuals. Find the latest updates and resources on substance misuse policy in Vermont, as well as information for caregivers on how to support children in making healthy choices.


CounterBalance educates Vermonters about the impact of tobacco marketing on young people in our state.