On Not Becoming Attached to the Outcome

Tend to your gardens in life. Photo credit: bforbel.com
Tend to your gardens in life. Photo credit: bforbel.com
Hello! I posted this on my Facebook…felt right to share it here.

Remaining unattached to the outcome does not mean that we become a victims of circumstance. No, in fact, we are here for a divine purpose and are asked to live each day with a goal of giving our ultimate best so that the path can be clearly laid out for us and shown to us. Do not let your gardens become overgrown believing that the sun will shine as it should where it should without any work on our part. We each are the gardener and our purpose is to promote as much light and growth as possible so that the other life forms in our care can fulfill their special purpose in the cycle of life. It takes a faithful heart to believe that ultimately, our good work will indeed bear beautiful fruit as long as we continue to do as we are called. This is on my mind today and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. Be well and walk in love everyone. ~ Kiah

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