November Community Coalition Meeting!

Community Coalition Meeting Agenda

PRESENTED BY: Alliance for Community Transformations

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Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, 12:00 – 2:00 PM

Crispe Room

Vermont Veterans’ Home Bennington, Vermont

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United States +1 (872) 240-3212
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Kiah Morris, Director

802.442.0713 x 9

Nevin Lessard, AmeriCorps VISTA

802.442.0713 x 6

The Alliance for Community Transformations (ACT) is a community-based, grassroots
collective of people who are working together on projects to improve the health of our
communities.Our mission: To prevent first time substance abuse among youth, reduce its use across all ages and to actively contribute to promoting increased wellness and health for all across the lifespan in the “Southshire” region of Bennington County.Our Vision: A region that actively works together to empower, mobilize and inspire one another to act in collaboration towards greater health and sustainable change.


Time Activity Outcomes/Objectives
12:00 Check–in ***
12:05 Welcome and Introductions – Cindy Krautheim ***
12:10 Agenda Overview – Cindy Krautheim

·        Set Next Meeting Time/Date

Participants will have a clear understanding of the meeting components and will have a voice in selecting the next meeting date and time.
12:15 ACT Updates & Events

o   Organizational Policy Development – Kiah Morris

o   Matching Requirements – Nevin Lessard

o   Youth Ambassadors—Nevin Lessard

o   ACT Press Conference—Kiah Morris

o   Winterfest Support—Kiah Morris

Participants learn about policies that are in development for ACT; how ACT is utilizing, capturing and reporting in-kind matching and its importance for all non-profit organizations; Progress and goals with the Youth Ambassador Program; identify opportunities and ways support for the Fall Press Conference event; identify opportunities and ways to support North Bennington’s Winterfest event
12:30 ACT Selections and Voting—Kiah Morris

·        ACT Bylaw Approvals

·        Committee Sign Ups

·        Executive Committee Nominations and Elections

*Voting is restricted to members with a current MOU on file.

Participants will have a clear understanding of the organizational structure of ACT, provide input and selection of leadership, understand the roles of ACT committees, volunteer for a committee and provide approval and input for ACT’s by-laws.

1:00 Committee Meetings *Online and telephone access will be disconnected for the remainder of the event. Committee members will gain clear understanding of the roles and activities of the committees; identify leadership for the committee from the group; identify and choose opportunities to support implementation of activities.
1:50 Meeting Evaluation & Adjournment Participants will be able to provide feedback on the meeting and assess the effectiveness of the event.

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