Sticker Shock Part 2 Launches!

August 24, 2016 –

Local youth partnered up with ACT Member Sean Morin of the Center for Restorative Justice in the second launch of the Sticker Shock project in the town of Bennington. A project of the Drug Free Communities Grant Program, ACT’s Substance Abuse and Tobacco Prevention committee coordinated the fall effort with Sean as the project lead.

The campaign goal is to raise community awareness of the penalties for providing alcohol to minors. The messaging is achieved using brightly colored stickers placed on cases of alcohol by youth in the community with adult supervision.

Participating Bennington Area stores for the fall campaign include Martin’s Mobil, Mincers Gas Station, Bennington Beverage Outlet and the Beverage Den.

Following the event, youth will be treated to free pizza courtesy of Ramunto’s Pizzeria in Bennington.
Sticker Shock 3

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