Fact Friday: The Tallest Peak in Bennington

Fact Friday: The title of “Tallest Peak in Bennington County” belongs to Mount Equinox in Arlington.

The elevation gain from bottom to the peak is 2975 ft–more than half a mile– while the hike to the top is 3.3 miles. The mountain itself is open year round and dogs are allowed, too, though hiking it this time of the year is not advisable due to the thaw of mud season.


Dog Hiking.jpg

Fall might be the best time to hike the tallest peak in Bennington, but the other seasons are good too! Just make sure you bring the right footwear. From the top you can see the rest of the Taconic range, of which Equinox is a part, the Green Mountains, the valley of Vermont, and the Adirondacks.

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