Fact Friday: April is the first full month of Spring – Time to start Planting

Fact: April is the first full month of Spring. Time to start Planting.  

Though it may not feel it here in Bennington, VT yet, April is the first full month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The word April itself is derived from a Roman word meaning “to open” referring to flowers and fruits opening and emerging.

In that spirit, April is the beginning of the planting season– that is, if the ground has thawed out. Technically in our little pocket of southwestern Vermont, the last day of frost could conceivably happen in mid-May.zone-5-vermont.jpg

The United States Department of Agriculture has designated Bennington as zone 5, meaning we have a medium growing season length lasting just five months, from May into October. The exact dates vary year to year. It’s important near the beginning and end of the season to keep an eye on the temperature.

First things first, do you have good soil or compost in your garden beds? It isn’t necessary to supplement your garden, but it can be helpful. Compost is great for plants as it’s just organic matter broken down ready to be built back up again by your growing plants, fruits, and veggies. There are different degrees and mixtures of compost, too. If you’re unsure of what you need give TAM waste management a call. They sell and can even deliver compost to your home, and can help you find out what will best suit you and your garden’s needs.


It’s also recommended that you start your seedlings indoors if the ground outside is still cold. It won’t be as necessary later on in the season. This helpful infographic from veggieharvest.com can give you a good sense of when you should be starting and transferring your seedlings outside.

Spring is here and it’s time to start planting. Good luck!  

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