Member of the Month: Amy Anselmo

Amy Anselmo is an artivist and tech support extraordinaire, providing help with websites, software, and social media through her business Amy & Bill. (Bill is a 1978 VW Bus!) Learn more about Amy below.

Why are you an ACT Member?

Because Dare is ahmahzing. And I have teenagers, and I was a teenager.

What do you love most about living and/or working in Bennington?

I live in Manchester on an organic farm. I love our farms, spring, summer, autumn, (winter?), my beautiful friends, and as far as working, the ability to make my own way.

Youth Appreciation Day is coming up! What’s your favorite part about this event?

I am so looking forward to YAD and sharing some fun and positivity with the young people in our community.

Top three songs on your current playlist:

I love to listen to my favorite local-ish female singer/songwriters such as “Follow the Moon” by Madeleine Grace, “Wakin’ up Again” by Spero, and “By the Way I Breathe” by The Ladies Auxiliary Ukulele Orchestra.

What are you reading right now?

Such a beautiful book, How to Love the World—an anthology of poems curated by James Crews, who is a local poet in Shaftsbury.

What are you doing to support your health and wellness?

I am turning over a new leaf! Walking a lot, hula hooping, eating super healthy, and meditating daily with crocheting, craftitating? crochetitating?

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