Youth Leader Spotlight: Lucy

My name is Lucy (she/her). I am in 8th grade at Mt. Anthony Union Middle School. I am part of the Youth Leadership Group, student council, my school’s soccer team, and track team. In my free time I like to ski and run.

Why are healthy choices important for youth?

Healthy choices are important for youth because your body is growing and needs all the benefits that are provided with these choices. Then when you are older you will be healthy and not suffering the side effects from choices you did when you were a teenager/kid. Healthy choices can help you set up for the future physically and mentally.

What does leadership mean to you?

What leadership means to me is leaving a good example and guiding other people to better and more efficient choices, so they can be more successful in life or what they are focusing on.

Lucy co-facilitating the “Getting to Y” training with the Youth Leadership Group
What are some of your favorite spaces or things to do in the community?

My favorite thing to do in the community is to volunteer at the Y.  Some examples are painting a mural, or helping kids play sports.

In what ways can adults in our community support youth?

The adults in the community can support the youth by giving more opportunities and safe spaces for the youth around town. This would give some kids the feeling of having a place where they belong and can escape from the pressure of school, etc. Giving the youth of Bennington the opportunity to do different things can help them grow as a young adult.

What do you do to take care of your mental and physical health?

To take care of my mental health I like to run because it is very stress relieving and gives me something to focus on that is positive, or sometimes I just have some self-care to unwind. To take care of my physical health I participate in as many sports as I can. For example I’m on the swim team, soccer team, ski team, track, and golf.

If you were any emoji, which would you be?

If I could be any emoji I would be the smiling emoji because I always try to stay positive and be happy 🙂.

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