Youth Empowerment & Engagement

Through the Youth Leadership Group, Youth Appreciation Day, Photovoice Contest, and other initiatives, ACT works to amplify youth voice and empower young people to make a difference in our community.

Youth Appreciation Day

May is Youth Appreciation Month in Vermont; but did you know it originated right here in Bennington? In 2013, a group of students from Southwest Tech (then the Career Development Center) drafted R-179 (H.C.R. 127) which was adopted by the VT House of Representatives, declaring April 27th “Youth Appreciation Day.” In 2016, then Governor Shumlin signed a new proclamation designating May “Youth Appreciation Month”! ACT members and local youth guided this effort and were present at the signing.

We now host the annual Youth Appreciation Day event the second Saturday in May to celebrate youth of all ages and all that they add to our community!

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Youth Leadership Group

The Youth Leadership Group (YLG) is a partnership between ACT and Mt. Anthony Union Middle School. Co-facilitated by ACT staff and MAUMS Prevention Coordinator, the YLG is a youth coalition that focuses on peer-to-peer substance use prevention and mental health initiatives.

“I joined YLG to help bring attention to problems that us Youth face in our community that are often overlooked by adults.” – Morgan C.

“The reason why I joined the YLG was to help people in our community. Another important thing to me was to try to help kids with their mental health and make sure their voice can be heard.” – Lucy P.

2020-2021 YLG Highlights

The 2020-2021 Youth Leadership Group participated in the Getting to “Y” training to understand how to analyze the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a survey sent out every two years that polls the students of Vermont counties on topics from how many have access to three meals a day to how many students have ever tried alcohol. The YLG used the YRBS to identify the topics that they wanted to focus on bringing attention to in our community: Suicide Prevention & Mental Health and Vaping & Substance Use Prevention.

Social Media Campaign

Using technology and social media to their advantage, the YLG launched a social media campaign, posting a motivating image and quote every Friday. These posts received overwhelmingly positive responses from members of the community as well as school administration and peers. Follow ACT on Instagram »

Sunshine Boxes

The goal of the Sunshine Boxes is to bring a little bit of happiness to students’ lives when everything seemed so distant and negative. Sunshine Boxes are distributed once a month to students who signed up online. The box has a monthly theme, for example: Arts & Crafts; Build & Create; and De-Stress. In addition to fun activities, each box includes youth-centered resource information for mental health, crisis support, and substance quit help. Support the The Sunshine Box Project »

Youth Photovoice Contest

ACT’s annual Youth Photovoice Contest challenges local youth to promote healthy choices, reimagine public spaces, and celebrate community.

  • 2021 Photovoice – Thrive: Take a photo of people, places, or things that help make the Bennington area great! View winning photos »
  • 2020 Photovoice – Quarantine Edition: How are you making healthy choices during Stay Safe, Stay Home? View winning photos »
  • 2019 Photovoice: What’s your vision for Bennington’s public spaces?

About Photovoice

The Photovoice method is a style of research that gives the participants a creative means of expressing their opinions that is used around the globe to enact social change.

In 2013, ACT was awarded a grant through the Vermont Department of Health to help explore what elements of our communities positively or negatively affect our ability to live healthy, vibrant lives. To achieve this, ACT set out to learn more about our food systems, how we access opportunities to be physically active, the bike-ability or walk-ability of our neighborhoods and much more.

Photovoice Bennington County was an opportunity to hear from youth, in their own words, what they see, feel, and believe about our communities and how elements of their daily lives impact their health. More than 50 youth from throughout the county created 60+ original pieces.