Welcome our new Vista T.J.

ACT would like to welcome T.J. Anania to the team. T.J.’s part of the AmeriCorps program and new to Bennington.

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What brings you to Bennington?


After a year and a half of bouncing around jobs in Worcester Mass. I decided that I needed to do something worthwhile– y’know serve others instead of serving them food. And so I began looking into Vista positions in both Vermont and Massachusetts. I wanted to stay close to home.


Where is “home” for you.


I suppose a couple places. My mom lives in South Burlington with my four-legged siblings– so that’s number one. And throughout undergrad I carved out a home in Worcester. But I look forward to settling in here and calling Bennington home too.


Four-legged siblings?


Yeah! It’s my mom’s name for the dogs. We have three beagles: Molly, Daisy, and Lucy and a cocker spaniel: Eleanor Rigby. Ha. I was definitely in the middle of a Beatles kick when we adopted the cocker.


So what do you like to do in your free time?


Good question. When the weather’s, y’know, not numbingly cold I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee. I’m hoping to either find people to play with around here or maybe even starting a small pickup group in the spring. Other than that, I listen to podcasts, write a blog, and have been reading a lot of Stephen King recently.


Thanks. Is there anything else you’d like to add?


Yeah! If you see me, look out for the bald head and the red beard, say hi. I love meeting new people and am definitely looking for recommendations for things to do AND eat around town.    

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