Meet our Community Leaders – Shannon Barsotti

MEET our Community Leaders: SHANNON BARSOTTI

Shannon Barsotti
Shannon is the Community Development Director for the Town of Bennington and serves as the government member of Alliance for Community Transformations. Shannon enjoys working with others to improve our community’s health and involving young people in leadership. She and her family live on a small farm in Pownal.

ACT Member Spotlight: Melissa Mears

We caught up with Melissa Mears, an ACT member since 2014, and Benefit Program Specialist at the Economic Services Division here in Bennington.

And we asked her: What made you want to be an ACT member.

Melissa Mears

I want to be the change. There’s not enough opportunity for youth to promote themselves here, and ACT is a great avenue to do so. 

Thank you Melissa, for your dedication to Bennington youth and embodying the change you want to see.