Fact Friday: Youth Using E Cigarettes

Fact: Youth Using E Cigarettes increase their risk of transitioning to traditional cigarettes.

A new study out of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has concluded that electronic tobacco devices may help adult smokers quit using traditional cigarettes, but they pose a risk to teens and young adults. The different flavors of e cigarette products coupled with the perception that they are healthier than traditional cigarettes attracts younger customers.

Most E cigarettes do contain nicotine: the addictive stimulant in tobacco products. That means youth using e cigarettes are still exposed to nicotine, and that can ultimately lead to the transition to traditional tobacco products.

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The science is still out when it comes to longer term health affects of E cigarette use. Although there is conclusive evidence that adverse exposure to the liquids used in E cigarettes can be harmful and can cause seizures and vomiting.


Header image courtesy of: Ecigclick (www.ecigclick.co.uk)

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