Fact Friday: Prescription Drug Take back.

Fact: April 28 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

In Bennington though, we’ve adopted April 22 -28 as drug take back week.

Everyone is encouraged to sort through their medicine cabinet and bring in their old and unwanted prescriptions to one of the certified permanent drop off points.

There are five in Bennington County:

  1. Bennington County Sheriff’s Department
  2. Bennington Police Department
  3. Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
  4. Manchester Public Safety Facility
  5. Winhall Police Department  

All five locations accept pills and patches. Southern Vermont Medical Center also has the capacity to accept liquid and aerosols.

There are also many other drop off spots in the counties neighboring Bennington. For a full list click here

Prescription take backs and drop off locations have gained momentum in the last few years due to the rise in opioid and opiate use. According to a National Institute of Drug Abuse report the incidence of heroin initiation is a whopping 19 times higher among those who reported prior nonmedical use of pain relievers versus those who hadn’t.

And in Vermont, nearly 70% of people ages 12 or older who’ve used pain relievers non medically, got them from friends or relatives.

Taken together, these statistics would suggest that by completely removing the presence of unwanted and unused opioids from your home, you’ll make it a much safer environment.


Bonus Fact: You can call 2-1-1 for more information about substance resources.  

Bonus Bonus Fact: If you don’t live near one of these 5 sites and can’t get there look on the prescription bottle for safe disposal instructions.

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