Member Spotlight: Keith Carey

Meet Keith Carey, the owner of The Gamer’s Grotto, and Alliance for Community Transformations’ Business Sector Rep.

We asked him: What made you want to join ACT?

Keith Carey

“Working with kids, I wanted to make a difference. I’ve seen how substances have affected the lives of some of these kids and I wanted to be part of something trying to do something about it.”

Keith has been a member of ACT for over three years now, and deeply involved in the Bennington Community. His store, The Gamer’s Grotto on Main St., is a substance-free space for folks of all ages to come and share their passion for games with each other. Keith even hosts small events every week that are open to the public, like Thursday board game nights from 6 – 9 p.m..  (Check out the calendar

Outside of the Grotto, Keith also works with after school programs to share his passion and introduce area youth to board games.


We at Alliance for Community Transformations would like to thank you Keith for addressing youth substance use, providing substance-free activities for the community, and being a part of this coalition. We couldn’t do it without you. 

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