Member of the Month: Todd Salvesvold

Todd Salvesvold serves as the Spoke Lead for Bennington Blueprint and has been in the role since January 2019. He is also a Registered Nurse and holds a master’s degree in Addiction and Community Psychology. Todd has also been employed as an Emergency Room RN, most recently with Samaritan Hospital in Troy, NY. Learn more about Todd below.

Why are you an ACT Member?

I have always been impressed with ACT. When I came to Bennington I was thrilled to learn that there was such an organization; especially in a smaller town like ours. Early on in my career I did a lot of work with at-risk youth and learned firsthand the damage substance use can have on their lives. I am happy to support ACT’s vision in any way I can.

What do you love most about living and/or working in Bennington?

The mountains! I used to live in a relatively flat area and always appreciated coming to Vermont. I enjoy hiking and am thrilled to have such great trail access within a short distance.

Top three songs on your current playlist:

Wow! It would be tough for me to narrow it to three. I am a huge Beatles fan and I think I have been listening to Abbey Road most recently, although I also listen to the Beatles Channel on Sirius XM pretty regularly. I jump to Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd whenever I need a break from the Beatles.

What are you reading right now?

I’m just finishing Inverting The Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics. I am a big soccer fan.

What are you doing to support your health and wellness?

I run. I am hoping to get back to the Boston Marathon next year, but I need a qualifier first (which I will run in October). Now that COVID restrictions are easing up, I have a few races that I am looking forward to running.

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