Meet ACT’s Community Leaders: Katrina Hastings

Meet Katrina Hastings, ACT’s Civic/Volunteer Sector Leader:

“I am the Youth Services Librarian at the McCullough Free Library in North Bennington, VT. Prior to becoming a librarian, I worked in various educational settings with children and families. I’ve seen firsthand how beneficial programming opportunities can be for families and children, not just in reducing and preventing substance abuse, but in fostering overall well-being and creativity. One of my current goals is to create more opportunities to cultivate environmental and food literacy skills in the community. I look forward to continuing to support local families in collaboration with ACT.”

As a community coalition, ACT engages with 12 sectors of the community to reduce youth substance use, including: Parents, Youth, Education/Schools, State or Local Government, Media, Businesses, Law Enforcement, Youth-Serving Organizations, Religious/Fraternal Organizations, Volunteer Organizations, Healthcare Professionals and Other Substance Abuse Prevention Organizations. Sector Leaders advise ACT on community projects and initiatives, and serve as a liaison to their networks. Learn more about who we are.

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