Welcome to ACT’s New Business Sector Leader: Nancy Koziol of couch + cork

ACT is excited to welcome Nancy Koziol as our new Business Sector Leader! As a community coalition, ACT engages with 12 sectors of the community to reduce youth substance use, including: Parents, Youth, Education/Schools, State or Local Government, Media, Businesses, Law Enforcement, Youth-Serving Organizations, Religious/Fraternal Organizations, Volunteer Organizations, Healthcare Professionals and Other Substance Abuse Prevention Organizations. Sector Leaders advise ACT on community projects and initiatives, and serve as a liaison to their networks.

Nancy Koziol is an internationally-certified wine expert/author/journalist and owner of couch + cork, an all-woman business providing in-home, venue-based, virtual and corporate wine education events. She started her career as a middle-school educator and believes in empowering students of all ages by giving them age-appropriate information and the language they need to tackle tough topics. As a professional who works with alcohol she believes it is her responsibility to engage with her community to foster safe, healthy, and legal relationships with alcohol.

Welcome, Nancy! We look forward to collaborating with you to support youth in making healthy choices, and to promote wellness and long-term health in the greater Bennington area.

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