Youth Leader Spotlight: Sage

My name is Sage (she/they) and I’m an 8th grade student at Mt. Anthony Union Middle School. I’m a member of drama club, participate in GLOW and Space Place, and I’m an ACT youth rep. Editor’s Note: Sage is also the middle school recipient of ACT’s 2023 Youth Appreciation Award!

Why are healthy choices important for youth?

Because our brains are still developing, making healthy choices now can impact who you are as an adult mentally and physically.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is many things: it could be being successful in leading a group, leading your community or town; and it can be someone that supports people in being better versions of themselves.

What are some of your favorite spaces or things to do in the community?

Ms. Marks’ room at MAUMS. You can be yourself and no one judges you.

In what ways can adults in our community support youth?

Listen when we’re trying to talk—listen to our views, our ideas, how we think about our learning, our experiences, and how our community can be better than it is now.

What do you do to take care of your mental and physical health?

Write poetry, talk to my friends and teachers I trust in this school.

If you were any emoji, which would you be?


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