Mindful Monday: Holidays

Holidays got you frazzled? There’s just too much to juggle: gifts, places to be, ceaseless All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey, and maybe that family member who talks about politics over the dinner table?

Mentally juggling that many things can stretch you thin and wear you down. That added gift-wrapped eggnog-soaked stress can drive people to unhealthy coping mechanisms like that first drink, or buying their first pack of cigarettes in months.

But, before you buy that pack, or break out that Merlot, remove yourself from the noise– head to the bathroom, or the basement, or if you’re driving turn off the radio and feel the road, and breathe.

You may find that that urgent needs passes somewhat, and hopefully you can keep cessation streak up!

Other things you can do to manage the holiday stress.

  • Write out a list of to-do’s and take them one at a time.
  • Take a walk with your favorite podcast.
  • Carry gum with you.
  • Take a long shower
  • Do something for yourself you wouldn’t normally do?


Have a happy and safe holiday season from us here at Alliance for Community Transformations.

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