Mindful Monday: When is there time for Mindfulness?

Sometimes there is just too much to do everyday: school, work, cooking, grocery shopping; When is there time for mindfulness?

I asked myself this question recently and it hit me like cold water to the face: the shower.Shower

I spend time showering everyday. Five minutes before work and a little longer after a workout, and all the while I do is think of what I need to do at work later or imagine myself delivering great comebacks to win an argument that I’ve conjured up in my head. 


Because I’m witty. That’s why. Because our minds work to fill voids of time with something whether song lyrics, future interactions, whatever.

But, in the spirit of mindful Mondays, I tried something different this morning. I just showered. No conversations, no to-do list, just me and water and soap.  

It’s as easy as that. You can squeeze in your five minutes of mindfulness doing what most people do everyday; you don’t need to be cross-legged and meditating to practive. Give a mindful shower a try tomorrow morning.

-Your clean VISTA, T.J.

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