Broadcasting Good News!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a fantastic radio public service announcement sponsored by WEQX 102.7 FM radio which began on July 13th, 2015 and is now in rotation.

Be sure to tune in and listen for the great piece: Click here download the file.

Thank you WEQX for your support of our communities!!!!


Local Students Give Policy Recommendations to State Legislature

Students comment on access to tobacco and alcohol

On Wednesday, April 8th, students from the Pre-Law Class, instructed by Bruce Lee-Clark at the Career Development Center in Bennington presented their report to the legislature on youths access to tobacco and alcohol. The students has a unique opportunity to present their detailed policy analysis to the House Healthcare Committee at the State of Vermont Legislature. This project represents a year-long journey to research the topic and develop recommendations. In conjunction, the Video Production Class, instructed by Tim Foley produced a documentary video of the process which was also shown to committee members.  During the day, they had an opportunity to meet with local legislators, public health advocacy groups and sponsors of proposals that they reviewed. They were then acknowledged in front of a full house at beginning of the House of Representatives session by ACT Director and State Rep. Kiah Morris. Following, their report and video will be sent to committee leadership in Human Resources, Judicial, Ways and Means and Senate Health and Welfare for their review. The youth did an amazing job and we could not have been more proud of their work and collaboration with ACT on this important project. The students who worked on these projects are as follows:

  • Cyonn Alexander  – Bennington
  • McKayla Brown  – Woodford
  • Laina Main – Bennington
  • Chelsea Corrow – Bennington
  • Samuel Gezelius – Bennington
  • Mariah Spencer – Bennington
  • Thomas Tift – Bennington
  • Celia Brambley – Bennington
  • Tiffany Briggs  – Bennington

The full report can be found here: W~Pre-Law Class, Southwest Vermont Career Development Center~Report On Access to Tobacco and Alcohol by the Underage in Vermont~4-8-2015

The video can be found here:

Pre Law Class 1
Students from the Career Development Center Class with AmeriCorps VISTA Member Katie Emerson
Pre Law Class 2
Pre-Law Class Instructor Bruce Lee-Clark preparing to give the Devotional prior to the start of legislative activities. Pre Law Class 3


8 Online Walking Maps – FREE!

We are excited to share with you 8 free online maps that anyone can use to increase their fitness levels and reach their goals. These maps were orginally developed through a partnership with Southwestern Vermont Health Care and their regional partners back in 2006! We have updated the maps using Map My Walk so that any can access these awesome routes which range for a quarter mile to 2.5 total miles!

Click here to see the routes! 

Map My Walk